Issues and Solutions


Rob is a passionate pro-life advocate. As a citizen, state legislator and congressman he has tirelessly fought to protect the rights of the unborn. He highly values the sanctity of human life and will continue to fight for this cause.


We need to secure the borders and better enforce the laws already on the books, and that’s the way Rob votes. He is the lead sponsor of HR 1505, legislation ensuring border security takes priority over environmental land regulations.  The bill has drawn national attention and is viewed by many as the first critical step in real immigration reform. We must do first things first – and securing our border is that first thing.


From his 28 years in the classroom, Rob knows firsthand the necessity of a sound educational system. He believes and fights for the rights of parents and local teachers to decide the type of education that best fit the needs of their students. He has said, “We are counterproductive when we waste money on one-size-fits-all federal programs that bind the hands of creative teachers and administrators at the local level.” As a lawmaker, he has worked hard to get the federal government out of the way of Utah’s citizens to ensure more flexibility and educational funds within the state. He fights to provide teachers, students and parents with resources which are rightly theirs.


Rob believes we can protect our environment while allowing for wise stewardship and multiple uses. Stewardship means respecting and enhancing the land and its natural resources. The prudent development of our natural resources and energy not only adds to our energy independence but also greatly impacts job growth and economic recovery. As the Chair of the Western Caucus, he was the lead sponsor of an all-you-can-create energy bill and has led the fight against the Obama Administration’s anti-energy agenda.


Rob has basically had one main goal in Washington – to lose power. The solution to so many problems is a return to the Constitutional principle of Federalism and the 10th Amendment – returning power, money and control back to states and to the people. Rob is a member of the Constitution Caucus and is the leader of the 10th Amendment Task Force and consistently fights to limit the federal government’s encroachment in our lives.


As a state lawmaker and as a Congressman, Rob has pushed back against an ever-encroaching federal government. He voted against ObamaCare and has voted to repeal it.  As the leader of the 10th Amendment Task Force, he continues to champion returning more power, authority and money back to states and individuals.


Rob understands that providing for the common defense is a core, Constitutional responsibility. With a spot on the Armed Services Committee, Rob is proud to defend our military abroad & our installations at home, particularly Hill Air Force Base. He helps lead the fight against Obama’s damage to our military, missile defense & space programs. It is this very committee that also sought to clarify restrictions on the power of detention the President was claiming. Rob opposes the indefinite detention of Americans and viewed the vote on NDAA as a step in the right direction of restricting the President.  Plus he has already signed on to efforts to clarify and restrict the President’s power even further.


As a member of the Natural Resources Committee, Rob has a strong knowledge of and concern for the use of our lands. He believes in wise management of our lands, which entails protecting private property rights and the Western way of life Utah enjoys as well as using the resources on those lands. With roughly 2/3rds of Utah’s lands controlled by the federal government, the right of our state to control its own destiny, be energy rich, create jobs, and properly fund our education system will always be hampered by the heavy hand of the federal government. Rob is the Chairman of the Public Lands Subcommittee and has consistently fought for our rights and our lands.  He helped kill the Wild Lands proposal from Secretary Salazar and called out the Interior Department on their plans to lock up even more land by creating new national monuments using the Antiquities Act. He has been the primary sponsor of the APPLE Initiative and continues to spread the message that Utah needs and deserves more its own land back.


Rob is passionate about the economic well-being of not only the nation but Utah’s families. One of his first votes in Congress was for $550 billion in tax cuts and reductions. He believes in letting hard working Americans keep more of the money they’ve rightfully earned. Rob frequently says, “Your money belongs to you, not to Washington.” He knows that the only solution to the economic crisis we continue to face is hard work, creativity and the free market, not massive government spending on federal programs that only further our nation’s great debt.  As a Congressman, Rob has cut our taxes, cut spending, and consistently voted for the leanest budgets. He has opposed the bailouts, TARP, and the so-called stimulus bill and has introduced legislation that would ease regulation, promote energy development and lead to job creation.


For years, even before Rob was elected to Congress, he’s actively fought to protect our 2nd Amendment Rights. He strongly believes that we constitutionally have the right to keep and bear arms as an individual right of self-defense. 


We must keep our contract with America's senior citizens. Rob consistently advocates for a legislation that makes the social security program that is fiscally sound and economically viable for those who have paid into it and are currently paying into the program. He is a committed voice for the senior citizens of the first district and will continue his work on their behalf.